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I'm a full stack developer and designer. I make things.

I Android, Web, Design, Technology, Privacy, Painting & Yoga.

I'm an 80's kid, born and raised in Toronto. I now live in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. My favourite video game of all-time is Street Fighter II: Rainbow Edition. These days, I've been spending a lot of my time perfecting Generative AI prompts with Stable Diffusion and llama.cpp. I love any music that makes my ears happy & I eat at least one kiwi every evening, with the skin on. I have two titanium plates in my neck.
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Programmers are guys and girls that can take real-world problems, that can analyze those problems and that use that analysis to come up with a way to improve the world, usually in an incremental but sometimes in a revolutionary manner by solving those problems (hopefully) once and for all.Jacques Mattheij