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I'm a full stack developer and designer. I make things.

I Android, Web, Design, Technology, Privacy, Painting & Yoga.

I'm an 80's kid, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I now live in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. I spend my weekdays working with software developers as an Integrations Specialist for a global payments company, and usually spend my evenings hobby programming, playing video games, watching IRL Livestreams, painting with acrylics, doing yoga, & having fun with friends. My favourite video game of all-time is Street Fighter II: Rainbow Edition. These days, I've been spending a lot of time in my VR headset playing Beat Saber, and working my way through Half-Life: Alyx. I love any music that makes my ears happy, & I eat at least one kiwi every evening, with the skin on. My initials are kefs and I have two titanium plates in my neck. Thank you for reading this.

I'm currently working on PoopLog for Android

I've also worked on some other things…

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"He proved that you can build a successful business, based on passion, and maintain decency in the process. The more sincere the effort, the more genuine the return. Best. ROI. Lesson. Ever." (That defines Luke, and the team at The Nerdery) ‐ @malbiniak